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in collboration with
moran itzhaky abergel


‘An Act of Principle’ is the fourth installment of ‘Working Tools’. In this project we were joined by stage director  Ariel Sereni Brown and performer Dror Birger. We delved into deeper questions of Agency inside built choreography VS IMPROVISATION. We wanted to understand what is the innate tension between a group that is composed of subjects that ‘know’, and another group that ‘does not know’. A TENSION THAT BRINGS FORTH QUESTIONS OF CLASS, DISABILITY AND PARTICIPATION. 

Performed by: Ariel Sereni Brown, Dror Birger, Moran Yitzhaky Abergel, Sarit Moleuf, Shimon Levi, Shira Golman, Orel Shitrit, Sarit Hamr.                       


Created by: Kim Teitelbaum & Moran Yitzhaky Abergel   

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