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moran itzhaky abergel

" the first Shamans were ecstatic women (...) that by entering states of trance were placed as guardians of the channels between the individual, the group and the cosmic power".

(Sjoo, the Great Cosmic Mother,13)





these states of trance were states of hyper consciousness: in which guided day dreaming was fused with everyday awareness, and what we call the unconscious in order to allow new ideas and images to appear. this technique is still used in societies that preserve the customes of the stone age. myths and beliefs of these cultures were created through these sacred spiritual channels, in which the female was the main conductor.


we wish to put the call to astarte in the center of the piece.

in order to reflect on the archaic, and touch on a fantastic Canaanite past, in order to open a gateway to the future.

'A Mercifull whore am i'

the goddess ishatar on an ancient sumerian stone slab



performed by: Ilana bellahsen & amit tina

teatron habait, jaffa 2019 

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