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in collboration with

moran itzhaky abergel

The beginning of “An Etude for Body & Control” began with an interest in creating an exercise in which one can perform  being controlled.

In order to investigate this delicate state, we have delved into the act of “Brain-Wash” because it related directly to common social practices (punishment vs reward, obligations vs rights etc.) but furthermore because the concept of BrainWash entailed a paranoid space in which the individual is perceived as mutable. a space in which, The ‘mind’ can be pulled apart and reassembled and a person becomes a puppet.

in The research process, we united the performers and the musicians from the start. a thing that assisted in
 generating more dimensions of sensuality. working with sine waves, cello and guitar ment we could search for actual psychological affects (long frequencies with no beat might give the audience the feeling that time is ‘slowing’ for instance).These manipulations along with set choreography allowed for the creation of a sense of ’Meta Awareness’ that commends the performers. 

"sometimes i get tired of leading the troops in the fight against oppression, you know? sometimes i want to forget the responsibility and just... give in...


i want to be a number.

i want... them to take control. i want them to put an implant in my head and make me do things. i've been having these fantasies. "

(grant morisson the invisibles, vol.6)


Dancers: Moran Yitzhaky Abergel, kim Teitelbaum,

carmel bar/ Hila Gluskinos, Nitay Juran and

Yoav Admoni

Musicians: Yaniv Schonfeld, Avigail Immanuel

premiered at machol shalem 2016

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