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Night world | אֶבֶן אֹדֶם


image by sharon fadida

In "Night World / אֶבֶן אֹדֶם " choreographer and dancer Kim Teitelbaum collaborates with musician Zohar Shafir to bring Kathy Acker's 'The Persian Poems' to life. This performance wishes to embody Janey—a girl confined by a slave trader, Ali, teaching herself Persian in isolation. The poems, structured as a bilingual textbook, convey realities, delving into Janey's circumstances and psyche.

the piece first premiered in its short version in tights conference 2023

Premiered in its full version at the CCA: tel-aviv jaffa 2024, as part of o-o-o.


Performed by: Zohar shafir & Kim Teitelbaum | video by: sharon fadida | costumes by: Eran shani, tamar ben cnaan & kim teitelbaum | lights by: oded Komemi | dramaturgy: ido feder | produced by: Sigal dahan.

supported by: the pais for the arts, Rabinovitch foundation, choreographers association. 

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