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by iris erez

sound work by Kim teitelbaum

in collaboration with yaniv schonfeld

mass is a work that wishes to weave together a choreographic score and a preset sound installation. in which, five dancers carry speakers and receivers that are connected to a musician that transmits their separate roles in real time. a mutual environment of decision-making by both the dancers timing and the musicians overall eye and ear.

the use of portable light speakers enables the choreography to affect the psycho acoustic properties of the sound, due to the constant shifting of the dancer-carriers .

the piece is not performed on a stage but in big spaces with no separation between audience and performers, in order to create

an event that births its own sonic habitat.

IRIs erez:

"space and time, by Steven Hocking, are dynamic qualitative factors: when a body moves, or when a power is active, it influences the bending of space and time- however, the structure of space-time influences the way in which bodies move and forces operate.

is it possible to take the insights of physics into the space we live in on a human, philosophical and political level? 'Mass' is a multifaceted attempt to test the feasibility of the living body- the one that is forcibly activated upon by its habitat, to operate on its environment and make perpetual change.  five people give their bodies permission to echo their immediate environment- historic and collective- current. out of consent to be prototypes of an entity that one can call 'environmental body'


performed by: or ashkenazi, dor frank, maya tamir,

matan daskal, zuki ringart

transmitter: Danielle Shoufra

sound consultant: oren cohen

dramaturgy: sharon zuckerman weiser

costumes: Enki by Vivi

the piece was premiered in arnevet merz festival 2019.


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